Instilling universally accepted 'Ways of Being' into hearts, minds, and spirits of children worldwide.

Foster self-confidence for life.

Enrich their present and future lives through self-actualization and choice.

Preparing children to consciously be and grow into their best selves.

I Am (boy edition)

I Am (girl edition)

The Power of One

As humans, we are often inclined to segment ourselves from each other through distinctions such as country, culture, pigmentation; religion, politics, team; income or education level.

We have grown up in a world where the focus has been on our differences.

Of course, we can continue as we always have and life will go on as we have always known it to be, or we can consciously make choices that better our lives and the lives of future generations.

I believe we each have the ability to make powerful and courageous choices; the most important choice we can make is ‘WHO we want to become’ for ourselves. How we are being impacts our experience of life and the lives of those around us.

The choices we make and beliefs we take, are the foundation we build our lives upon.