We as adults have a choice with who we want our young people to become. I AM Resources offers an effective and efficient means of consciously cultivating the foundational belief system of our little beloved souls. 

Although the Human Doctrine ‘I AM’ instills an operating system founded on emotional intelligence, self-confidence, and responsibility, it is a tool that leverages a mechanism for success. 

Its primary goal is to seed Ways of Being such that each child gets to understand that they have a choice in ‘who’ they are being, by becoming mindful of ‘what’ they are feeling, and then choosing ‘how’ they will behave.  

The implementation of the mechanisms I’ve defined below systematically plants these seeds of wisdom in their minds which grows in their fertile soil. When nurtured, like all life, they will thrive. 

I AM Children Books believes that the best gift you can give to any child is an understanding that they are a powerful spirit, empowered by the magic of mindset.

Irina Yagudayeva

Amazon Customer

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Educators Resources

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