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As parents / caregivers / guardians / nurturers / guides, and individuals, we are pulled in many directions. We have our own life experience to experience, while simultaneously being responsible for the development of a young life so they may grow into responsible, respectable, contributory members of society.  As our time is extremely limited, more so perhaps in today’s society than ever before, I AM offers an effective and efficient means of consciously cultivating the foundational belief system of our little beloved souls. 

Children are the most open sponges of information from the ages of 0-7. Therefore, you are invited to read I AM to your young children regularly. Do not expect them to contextualize the information.

Newborns, Toddlers, and Preschool children will experience the colors, sounds, and emotions expressing each Way of Being found within the stories.

Preschool children: Whether they have heard the stories repeatedly, or have recently been introduced to the content, I AM’s Ways of Being will be foundationally established within their subconscious mind. 

I AM should be leveraged as an early reader; it may be one of the first books they begin to read from. Allow them the opportunity to read to you. This is also a great age window to discuss the Ways of Being; ask them questions about each Way of Being, what happened, what did they feel, how did it feel, what is the opposite of that feeling etc. The conversations that you share will support a deepening bond between you, as well as help to anchor the Ways of Being within your child.  

School-aged children: Ask them questions and offer them the opportunity to write or tell a story about each Way of Being. The combined mechanisms of seeing, hearing, speaking, and taking action support emotionalizing the lessons, thus cultivating and nurturing the growth of each little soul, and preparing them for their life’s journey. 

As an educator, you have a significant workload to manage and you may feel resistant to the thought of expanding that workload. Fortunately ‘I AM’ fits into the existing language arts and/or reading curriculum.

Schedule a call with the author to explore what is possible and/or to co-create an augmented curriculum.

I AM a book for the new generation. When I saw the book the first time, it called my attention to the cover. Once I opened and read it, I understood this book is a testimonial, a guide on how we should teach our kids to be and maybe we find a few lessons for us the adults. The book is easy to read, easy to understand, and very exciting for children. I feel if we follow the behavior explained in the book, we can have a better understanding of ourselves and those around us. I totally recommend it. Thanks for sharing this with the World.

Wilfredo Marrero

Amazon Customer