About I AM Children Books

Universal Truths are Agreements ALL people experience and can align with.

1)  We are humans being.
2) Ways of Being exist that serve one’s self and others.

It’s a human thing.

Our Mission

I AM Children Books is committed to a United Humanity; to creating a world where people, of every age, color, country, culture, and faith are nurtured by thoughts that serve their lives well and contribute to the lives of others.

The ocean consists of droplets yet they are all water, connected; as are we all.

Our Vision

Through learned and mindful universally acceptable ways of being, all children get to grow into the extraordinary people they can be, with a deep foundational understanding of the unique value they bring into the world.

Each flower begins as a seed and when nurtured with love; blossoms brilliantly; as do we all.

Our Founder, Author, & Connection Advocate

Janine M Loweth

Janine is a person in service to others; a consultant, sales executive and artist-turned-author who is passionate about human connection and committed to creating a world where every person gets that they matter. 

Her book ‘I AM’ delivers a simple yet powerful message; humanity is, and can be, united by access to fundamental ways of being that can be experienced and practiced by people of all ages.