Parent Resources

Children are the most open sponges of information from the ages of 0-7. Therefore, you are invited to read I AM to your young children regularly. Do not expect them to contextualize the information.

From 0-4 they will experience the colors, sounds, and emotions of each Way of Being, each story.

By age 4-7 they will have heard the stories repeatedly and they will have been seeded in their subconscious mind, 

I AM should be leveraged as an early reader; it may be one of the first books they begin to read from. Allow them the opportunity to read to you. This is also a great age window to discuss the Ways of Being; ask them questions about each Way of Being, what happened, what did they feel, how did it feel, what is the opposite of that feeling etc. The conversations that you share will support a deepening bond between you, as well as help to anchor the Ways of Being within your child.  

Between the ages of 7-12, ask your children questions and offer them the opportunity to write or tell a story about each Way of Being. The combined mechanisms of seeing, hearing, speaking, and taking action supports emotionalizing the lessons, thus cultivating and nurturing the growth of each little soul, and preparing them for their life’s journey.

One of the best Children’s book I ever read. Every Grandparent should read this book with their Grandchild!

Jerry Nardella

Amazon Customer